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Enterprise Architecture in the Financial Sector

Our newest paper has just been published following its presentation in 4th Working Conference, PRET 2012, Gdańsk, Poland, June 27, 2012.

The IT industry is flooded with various terms with more or less obvious meaning; however, in the absence of a strong and precise concept definition, the terms can become the source of confusion and lack of understanding in many of the organizations. Especially terms such as application, information system, and business solution tend to be used indistinctively in various scenarios. The existence of an application/system/solution catalog is common in many organizations and it is considered a fundamental element that draws attention from the Business, the IS and the IT area. This paper presents a case in which a financial institution considered the need to clarify the Application concept in order to address the problems surrounding an application catalog composed by 500 so called applications. The paper introduces both the taxonomy fundamentals and the recognized benefits. As the result, and considering the coverage and generic nature of the problem, we consider the outcome considerably reusable

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